Time measured, the moments we experience: two distinct spheres.

The efficiency of our Swiss mechanical movements and the magic of our unique creations, it's two universes merging into what we call "asymmetric beauty."

We measure time, but we value moments.

We want our watches to be worn as a charm, a companion, a constant reminder of the opportunities that present themselves to us every day.

Discover our unique passion for storytelling through design.

Le Boulevardier, 39mm, Verdigris

€1,041.67 exc. tax

Le Boulevardier, 39mm, Bicolour

€1,041.67 exc. tax

Sentient, 39mm, Rioja

€1,041.67 exc. tax

Odd-Hours, 39mm, Dark Teal

€1,041.67 exc. tax

We are located in the majestic French Alps, just 30 minutes from the heart of Swiss watchmaking in Geneva. The exclusive use of quality Swiss movements was a natural choice for us. Our training as watch makers gives us an in-depth understanding of the subject, thus informing our aesthetic choices.

Our cases, classic and timeless, serve to perfectly highlight the unique character of our designs. They are meticulously crafted from 316L grade stainless steel, with a highly polished bezel and sides with contrasting brushed finish to the faces of the lugs, providing visual balance. Their slightly curved profile, with a remarkable thinness of only 11 mm, allows easy wearing under a sleeve.

Our dials are the soul of our watches, carrying the stories that inspired our creations. Each one is hand finished, meaning no two watches are the same. Our production process is a multi-step process: manual colouring, CNC engraving, laser marking, manual polishing and hand finishing. We pride ourselves on our low volume production and the fact that the human touch is in evidence on each piece.

Situated within a short distance from Geneva, it was a clear decision for us to use a high-quality Swiss movement. The automatic mechanical movements in our watches are powered by the regular movements of your wrist. Our transparent casebacks display the decorative finishes of the moving pieces, providing a distinctive visual experience.

We have collaborated with a French family-run company, with several generations of experience, to offer you a range of durable tanned leather straps produced especially for 47ZERO. Their design features a significant taper between the watch and the buckle, which enhances the classical style of our watches. We also offer stainless steel bracelets in a variety of styles.

Situated in the heart of the majestic French Alps, in Annecy, with its azure blue lake and breathtaking mountains as a backdrop, we are constantly inspired by our surroundings. Each season is like a living postcard. This idyllic location couldn't be more conducive to creativity.